The phrase “without warning” is a warning.


A “Weak” Case

It is sometimes urged that “investors lack confidence in the market.”

A more accurate way to put this would be: “Investors are confident that investment in the current market is unlikely to be profitable.”

In the same way, the Zimmerman case is not properly described as “weak.” It’s actually a reasonably strong case in favor of his innocence.


This case was brought to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman committed Second Degree Murder.

Substantially all evidence that could conceivably support the prosecution’s case was brought to bear against Mr. Zimmerman, including legally irrelevant but prejudicial character evidence purportedly establishing mens rea. Evidence of Mr. Martin’s character, which any reasonable person would admit made Mr. Zimmerman’s version of events significantly more plausible, was excluded.

Under any objective weighing of the evidence presented, the State would have lost in a civil trial under a preponderance of the evidence standard.

Mr. West’s characterization of the prosecution as “disgraceful” is generous.