Amusing Law Professors

One of the more explicit recent examples, courtesy of the Faculty Lounge, of the tendency some progressives have to see themselves as missionaries and conservatives as unwashed masses who would be progressives if only they would just listen and understand that purportedly conservative principles actually call for progressive policy outcomes.

This is related to the broader tendency which will not admit of a logically consistent position calling for other than liberal policy solutions, which is to say the refusal to consider the necessity of compromise.

Whether this mode is better or worse than its Manichean competitor is open to question.


Summers Withdrawal

With Obama’s presumptive favorite having left the field, Yellen is said to be the likely nominee, but I’m not so sure.

This president’s instincts always trend to the petty, and spite for Summers’ detractors is apt to be a motivating factor in his replacement pick.

These detractors, of course, are Yellen’s chief backers.

Tablets Expected to Outsell PCs

Tablets Expected to Outsell PCs

This isn’t actually surprising, because upgrading a tablet purchased one year ago will yield a more significant performance boost than would upgrading a computer purchased five years ago.

Other than for computationally intensive applications (these days, almost all GPU based stuff; gaming, massive data crunching, cracking passwords, etc.), modern computers do not want for power in meaningful ways.

And while new form-factors are superb for a range of consumptive applications, the PC continues to be essentially the only viable means of production in the electronic sphere. Presumably typing will be supplanted in the relatively short-term, but that day remains over the horizon.