Sleepy Hollow

The risible trend toward “police consultant” shows may have reached its peak in Sleepy Hollow (which also includes a black female lead, whether just for attention I’m not sure). But there’s really nothing to dislike about this show, which is metes and bounds beyond its genre competitors.

I admit a single complaint (though not one against enjoyment): Of the Four Horsemen, the white rider, who goes first and indeed carries a bow, is named neither Death nor aught else but instead represents Conquest. Of the Four riders, named alone is Death on the Pale horse, last. The show correctly places the white bowman first, but inexplicably has him Death killing by axe with bow tattooed on hand.

No rider carries an axe: white/bow/conquest; red/sword/war; black/scales/famine; pale (diseased/sickly/green)/ridden by Death/followed by the legions of hell. The white/red distinction is generally considered to distinguish between conquest from without (probably by horse peoples, famed for the composite bow) and unrest from within. “Pale” apparently means something more like “green” or “sickly” in context, and is almost always considered to mean diseased, which in biblical times is to say dead.

Even more bizarrely, Sleepy Hollow apparently introduces a bow-wielding, samurai-dressed, disease-carrying rider in later episodes. I don’t know what to make of this, but the show is still cool.


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