How to Report on the Exchanges

As I mentioned in the last post, the White House has decided to continue its deception by conflating the people who have “selected” a health plan (that is, placed a single plan in their shopping cart) with the people who have purchased a health plan (a term that requires no quotes or explanation).

Articles I have read on this subject typically make no mention of the obfuscation or bury it in the text after introducing the topic with “x number of people have selected health plans.” Since this is obviously a metric of no meaning, a reasonable person is likely to assume it means these people have purchased plans, which is untrue.

Deception of this sort presumably carries some sort of political risk even for this administration, so it seems unlikely that they would bother with it unless it increased their numbers by quite a lot. An order of magnitude is not out of the question, considering that apparently 6 people were able to purchase a plan the first day and it is now claimed that something like 26,000 have “selected” plans.

Any responsible news article on the subject should begin with a boldface DISCLAIMER.


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