Law Profs and Students

In asking the relevant and useful question “What is/should be a law student?,” Professor Morrison begins ill: “Actual and potential law students are arguably the most powerful parties in this system.”

This claim doesn’t warrant a response, but the professor ironically comes away seeming dignified when it combines with the generally unserious tenor of his post to provoke an array of juvenile criticisms — to which he naturally does not deign to respond.

Prof. Morrison concludes that a law student is/should be:

  • A well informed, intelligent agent who can make informed choices prior to entering law school regarding debt load, job prospects, and the like
  • A student who is actively engaged in class work, extracurricular activities, networking, skills building, etc.  A student, in short, who takes ownership of her education and uses the school, the faculty, and their resources to self-direct her career.

A charming sentiment, to be sure, but the current legal education system requires that “Who is a law student?” be answered in substance “Somebody who pays law professors.”


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