Obama: Most Threatened President Ever?

Former RNC chair Michael Steele ends up agreeing with Ben Affleck on Maher that this is a result of racism (like Obama, Steele is black). Stuff like this (political professional has avoidable political debate with actor, loses badly) cost Steele his position with the RNC. His general incompetence also played a role.

Anyway, the topic question? The answer surely is yes, but not for racism.

Obama gets more threats than any previous president did because it’s never been easier to (1) anonymously threaten the president, and (2) identify and catalog threats made against the president.


One Response to Obama: Most Threatened President Ever?

  1. jonolan says:

    No, there’s a significant racist component to it as well, just not the sort that Obama, the Blacks, or the Leftists claim or accept. It’s an anti-White racism that causes them to categorize more statements as threats solely because they believe in widespread racism among the dominant White population and culture in America.

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