Republicans Should Refuse to Pass Obama’s Use-of-Force Request

Obama doesn’t care about the law. He’s made this abundantly clear in his serial unilateralisms. There is no reason that Republicans should now pass a legal fiction designed to provide Obama with a stage on which to flaunt his respect for the rule of law.

The notion that Obama doesn’t want excessive authority is a shot across the bow of reason. He wants a law that authorizes him to only to act as he would anyway, irrespective of any law. He wants such a law to be passed because it will allow him to blame Republicans for the failures that result from his refusal to undertake such strategies as are seriously calculated to counter ISIS.

Instead, Republicans should authorize our effete president to wage unrestricted warfare against ISIS and any state that harbors ISIS.

Obviously, Democrats will make every effort to leverage this nakedly political slovenization of the war powers. But this is an ideal opportunity for Republicans not only to escape the frothing taint of complicity in Obama’s abdication-usurpation but also to enact real, positive public policy.

If ISIS is worth fighting, it’s worth fighting right. Obama’s America aspires to be some sneak-thief in the night, fighting our enemies in squalid alleyways. That’s the fight his proposal authorizes.

This is not a Great Power strategy. Great Powers don’t fight in the alley–they bomb the alley. They don’t answer the enemy’s ultimatum–they eradicate the world to which that ultimatum refers.

When a pygmy bites a giant, the question is not what the giants may do in response. The question is what is necessary to prevent pygmies biting giants. And this is a question that always has a rational answer. But that answer cannot be expressed in terms of how many troops the giants are permitted to deploy against the pygmies. That’s just an invitation.

Carthago delenda est.